About Me

Hi! I am Adrion. But my family and friends also call me ADGENE--- Adrion+Eugene = ADGENE.

I primarily shoot weddings, engagements, events and also love portrait photography. I am based in Cranbury, New Jersey.

I’m a son, brother, husband and a Dad. I was born in Manila, Philippines. My favorite color is Blue. I love my family. I love my wife. I love my three boys. My friends love me. I love cars. I am obsessed with the Mini Cooper. I am an Audiophile. I like cycling. I love Art. I love dogs. I love to travel. I love food. I love making people laugh. I’m an Electronics and Communications Engineer by profession. I work in the semiconductor industry so you may consider me a geek. Summer is my favorite season. I’m honest and dependable. I strive for perfection.

Ok. I think you get the idea…. I like keeping it real and capturing life’s fleeting moments.

Thank you for your interest in my photography. Please feel free to contact me at adrion@adrioneugene.com.
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